Wood workshop

Saw and carve your wood cutting board

Wood workshop at Vock10

CHF 170/person

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Vock10’s workshop and store is located in Schipfe on Zurich’s Limmat River. As soon as you push open the doors, you enter another world. In the large bright rooms, overlooking the Limmat River are displayed simple handmade furniture, jewelry and other creations. The workshop offers a lot of space for thinking, working and testing. 2 years ago Valentin, Helen and Franziska took over the former antiquarian shop and turned it into Vock10.

This journey began in a neighbouring house. At that time the old carpenter’s workshop was taken over and shortly expanded with the workshop and the store. Now Vock10 offers locally produced furniture and classes in a stunning woodworking workshop. Valentin, an experienced carpenter and timber engineer, Helen with her focus on interior design and furniture, and Franziska, a versatile artist with many years of experience in the liberal arts, have made Vock10 a unique place where art, design and craft merge in a fascinating way.

Content wood workshop

This workshop will focus on making a walnut cutting and kitchen board. You will have the opportunity to learn and apply various craft skills such as sawing, carving, filing and sanding.

Under the expert guidance of the Vock10 team, you will playfully explore the fascinating material wood in its diversity and correctly name and use the tools during this wood workshop. You quickly get to work and soon the floor and your work clothes are covered in sawdust and shavings, but that’s a sign that you’re actively working on your project.

Your experience with wood will be the focus throughout the evening, and you will be able to produce a beautiful cutting board that is realized to the point that it will be a joy to take home as a homemade piece.

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    Location & How to get there

    Vock10, Schipfe 10, 8001 Zurich

    Accessible by public transport (on foot from HB or tram stop Ratshaus). No parking facilities.

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