About us

Matière Brute is...

The satisfaction of making something with our own hands.

The curiosity of being able to discover the world of the artisans by pushing open the door of their workshop.

The wish to be able to offer our loved ones a special moment rather than an additional material good to put on the shelf.

The desire to share convivial moments.

The wish to showcase our region’s craftsmanship and promote traditional trades!



Curious by nature, this project is a great excuse for Marie-Laure to discover unusual workshops, learn about traditional tool names and hear the unique stories of each craftsperson. In her apartment, she tries not to accumulate a large number of so-called “useless” objects, but rather to choose them with care (her cupboard full of tea being an exception). If you’re looking for her, it’s not difficult: you can hear her coming from afar with her infectious laugh.



Always active indoors and out, Irina loves discovering new places, people and sporting challenges. If she’s not on the water or in the mountains, you’ll find her out and about with her family in Zurich, a city she’s loved ever since she moved there. Inspired by the project since its launch in French-speaking Switzerland, she joined Matière Brute to  launch it German-speaking Switzerland.


Digital communication

An inveterate observer, Christoph has a secret passion for cartography and its more digital version: Google Maps. However, his eyes are not always glued to the screen, but rather to the lake, waiting for the wind to come up and go sailing. Ultra-sociable, he’s always bonding with new people wherever and whenever he can.

Samimé, Michael & Stephan


All three have a passion for photography, and each has developed his or her own vision of the discipline, sublimating Swiss craftsmanship through their images as part of the Matière Brute project. To enter their respective worlds, what better way than to discover their portfolios:  Michael Cordey and Stephan Huwyler


Interactive Media Designer

Motivated to learn more about the world around him, Dani is also passionate about the arts and video, which he studied at Eracom in Lausanne. It is through this medium that he seeks to share his passions with the general public. Apart from that, he’s also a big fan of retro video games, which he collects and loves.

Visual identity by Ludovic Gerber, ultra:studio in Vevey

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